Design and execute tests automatically

In just a few clicks, set up both geo and on-off incrementality tests. Get bespoke test design recommendations designed to get the best results out of your campaigns. Run these tests automatically until a significant result is found. Our tests are designed to safeguard conversions and will stop automatically if a large conversion decrease is suspected.



Get clear insights and recommendations

The tests are automatically analysed, giving you clear insights about the impact your brand campaigns have. Get a recalculated CPA for just incremental conversions to understand how profitable the campaign is. Receive recommendations on how to proceed, including details of which audiences, locations and times can be excluded.


Regular testing

Automatic regular testing

Keep your conversions safe with automatic regular testing that will frequently test the incrementality, and will switch the campaign on if necessary.


Join our app waitlist

Our app is currently in a closed beta. To ensure the quality of each test, we’re opening our test to just a handful of users at a time. Signup using the link below to join the waitlist and get more info

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